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Another innovative feature that the Thesis Theme provides that makes your site really stand out is a fully customizable multimedia box that by default, appears in the top right corner of your site. The fully featured multimedia box is a rare find in the WordPress Themes world and can do wonders for the visual presentation of your site. Just what can the multimedia box do for your site, well let’s see.

Random Rotating Images

Wouldn’t it be cool if the visitors to your site saw a new image in your multimedia box every time they visited? A site that never changes is boring and the random rotating images feature for the multimedia box that Thesis provides is a great way to show your visitors something new every time they visit. Thesis makes it really easy to accomplish this with the Thesis options panel and with no difficult coding. You just add your favorite pics to your site and boom, you’ve got random rotating images that create a new feel for your site every time a visitor comes!

What about Videos?

Videos are huge on the web today as you’ve probably noticed. Sites like youtube make it easy to share your videos with just about anyone. The Thesis multimedia box makes it easy to ad your own or your favorite youtube videos to your site. Again, just visit the Thesis options panel and select video for your multimedia box, add your video, and you’re all set to go!

How About some Advertisements?

If you display Ads on your site, the multimedia box can also be formatted to display your best performing Ads, Adsense Code, or any other type of advertisements you may run. Same as before, no difficult coding to add to the source code of Thesis, just make your selection in the Thesis options panel and your site will start displaying your favorite ads in the multimedia box.

Add your own Custom Code

The Thesis multimedia box even allows you to add your own custom code to display whatever it is you want to display. Maybe its subscription links to your RSS Feed or mailing list, maybe a static image. Whatever it is you want to display in the multimedia box, Thesis is built to handle it!

Hide the multimedia box

Maybe you don’t even want to use the multimedia box and want to go straight to sidebars and widgets. No problem, the box is not required and you can turn if off in a matter of seconds in the Thesis options panel.

In the end, Thesis is built to be whatever you need it to be. The multimedia box is just one more weapon you have at your disposal when building a winning site with Thesis!

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