Exploring the Thesis Theme for WordPress

Thesis offer’s more user and design options than any WordPress theme on the market. Just how many different things can you do with Thesis? Here’s a summary of some of the best Thesis features. Just click on the read more link to find out more about a particular feature.

Want to see these features in action? Check out this 5 Minute Thesis Video that walks you through everything Thesis has to offer.

Revolutionary Layout Generator

Thesis offer’s a Revolutionary Layout Generator that you won’t see in any other WordPress theme. The Layout generator gives you the option to specify how many columns your site will have, what the width of each column will be, and to pick the order in which they display.
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Pixel Perfect Typography and a Drop Down Menu to Select Any Font you Want

Thesis has been designed to be typographically beautiful with sizing approach that will make your site look good in any browser at any resolution. A drop down menu for font selection makes it super simple to change your fonts site wide without having to do any difficult manual coding.
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Highly Scannable Presentation Styles

Special built in CSS classes allow you make your content and images stand out on a page. Drop caps, alert and note classes, and image frames, make for one good looking site.
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Customizable Multimedia Box

Thesis comes with a Multimedia Box that you can use to display a series of your favorite images, videos, advertisements, and more. If the multimedia box isn’t for you, you can toggle it on or off with just a click inside the Thesis options panel.
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SEO Perfection

You won’t find a more Search Engine Friendly WordPress theme out there thanks to Thesis’ expertly coded HTML+CSS+PHP framework. Thesis also gives you the option to add the meta descriptions and keywords that search engines look for right on the write a post page.
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The Community

Over 9,000 other WordPress enthusiasts are running Thesis on their sites and they make up the single largest WordPress Theme community on the web. You’ll find hundreds of Thesis tutorials (including video tutorials), customization tips, and troubleshooting solutions. You can even find web designers in the Thesis Classifieds section of the support forums who have built their entire business platform around and Thesis and are available to help with any advanced customization needs you may have.
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Ready to Take your WordPress Site to the Next Level?

Get the Thesis Theme TodayReach your target audience with the search engine optimized, typographically excellent Thesis Theme for WordPress. Presentation is key and Thesis gives you the power to publish like a true professional! When the success of your site is at stake, Thesis gives you the tools you need to make your site reach its full potential! Want to know more about Thesis?

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