Highly scannable presentation styles with Thesis

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Drop caps are a classy way to start off a post and their built right in to Thesis. Continue reading to find out more styling tips that Thesis includes.

Thesis features built in classes such as the Note class you see here to help you make important content stand out from the rest of your post!

What about the Alert class? Similar to the note class, its just another option built in to Thesis that gives you more control over how the content in your blog displays!

Adding images to your posts is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to grab and hold the attention of your readers. Yet again, Thesis makes it easy to add attention-grabbing images to your post complete with a stylish border. Check out the example below and the Thesis User’s Manual for more image styling tips.
Month in Review - August 2008

Easily add additional classes to make your content stand out without editing any of the source code with the provided custom stylesheet! This paragraph style which is similar to the “note” and “alert” class was achieved by adding a simple line of code to the custom.css!

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