Pixel Perfect Typography & Any Font You Want

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Pixel perfect typography and visual clarity are just some of many features that help make the Thesis Theme the most versatile WordPress Theme on the market. Thesis has been designed to look great on any web browser and any resolution by using an em-based approach to element sizing so that your content is automatically and intelligently optimized for your audience no matter what type of settings they are using on their computer.

Multiple Fonts to Choose From
In addition to providing a beautiful default typography using the Georgia font, Thesis gives you the option to change your font with a single mouse click through its innovative design panel. The design panel gives you ultimate typography customization by letting you every single font displayed on your site.

You can customize different font settings for your site’s Body, Content Area, Navigation Menu, Header, Headlines, Bylines, Multimedia Box, Sidebars, and Footer. On top of that, you can also select the font size for each of these page elements.

The typography and font selections that you can choose from without doing any coding and are just a couple more reasons why the Thesis WordPress Theme is the ultimate solution for creating the website of your dreams!

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