Privacy Policy

ThesisTheme.Net respects privacy of is readers and does not collect personally identifying information without first obtaining the user’s permission.

Collection of Data
This site does not collect identity or contact information from users this website. This site may however, collect non-personally identifiable information, for example, browser type, operating system, domain name, time spent on the web site, or referring link. This is done via a “counter” by sites like Google Analytics.

This site does not sell or rent personally identifying information. This site will not disclose personally identifying information to anyone unless compelled to do so by proper judicial or governmental authorities.

Collection of Data by Third-Party Sites
This site contains links to other Internet websites and has no control or authority over the information submitted/collected by these third party website(s). Please refer to the respective Privacy Policy of the individual third party website(s).

Unsolicited Email
This site does not send unsolicited e-mail messages that could legitimately be construed as SPAM. You can sign up for site updates via email, but you must opt-in to that service and you can cancel at any time.

This site complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998. This site is not specifically directed to children under 18. If this site has been informed or unintentionally collected or received information from a child under 18, we will immediately delete such information from our databases. This site shall not knowingly distribute any personally identifiable information erroneously collected from children under 18.

Policy Changes
With or without prior notification, we may find it necessary or be legally obligated to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. All changes will be posted at this site. Except as otherwise required by law, modifications to this Privacy Policy will not affect the privacy of data collected by us prior to the effective date of the policy change.